Photo Credit: Nicole Tammaro

 About Eric Salt


Eric Salt is a Boston-based songwriter known for his jangly, eclectic rock sound and memorable, well-crafted tunes. 

Salt has been a respected staple in the Boston rock scene since he helped found the legendary Abbey Lounge music scene in 1997.  Salt has released three records with one of his bands, Eric Salt & The Electric City, all  produced by award-winning producer Ed Valauskas at famed Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA. His debut LP "The Hail Mary,” was met with high praise, and “Please Say Yes,” his sophomore album , and a playful nod to one of his biggest influences, Billy Squier (“Don’t Say No”), helped earn him a place in the acclaimed 2016 Boston Rock & Roll Rumble in which he was a semi-finalist. 

Salt’s first hard-hitting rock single “Excellent” off the EP “Wind and Swagger” released in March 2016, created early buzz. Vanyaland says, “It’s the type of track that you’ll recognize for the rest of your life after only hearing it once.”  The video, called a “love letter to the vibrant Boston music scene,” can be viewed at youtube.com/ericsalt.

Eric Salt’s latest album, In Leisure Car, is tribute to driving long road trips in your favorite car!  Anthem rock soundscapes envelop amazing rhythms by drummer/producer Dave Brophy at Revolution Sound Studios in Charlestown, MA. Released in late 2018, this album is soon to gain traction:

Salt is a member of Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents. Another force in the Boston music scene.  He also plays solo shows regularly, covering his own songs acoustically and drawing from a crowd-pleasing rock to roots songbook that music lovers admire and enjoy.  He has performed onstage with such artists as Ronnie Spector; Glen Hansard; John Wesley Harding, in venues large and small including Fenway Park and Boston’s Symphony Hall.